Plastic Injection Moulds

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High-quality tailor-made solutions for our customers:

 Plastic Injection Moulds of  

   Single and multi cavities, hot runner systems, interchangeable insert design and construction, enhanced cooling, optimized automatic production cycle, high performance,

   European P20 steel, Ampcoloy, Moldmax, 

  HRS of Synventive, Incoe, DME, etc

  Standardized components of Hasco, DME, Pedrotti etc    

Complete customer service  

"From the idea to the final product"  

            Product design development

               Variety of solutions for mould design and construction according to customer requirements

               Open production cycle allowing for modification during production process

               Opportunity for customers to monitor every stage of the production process

               In-house test-runs of the ready moulds and plastic articles production on 

                    injection machines Italtech, Engel, Kuasy with a clamping force from 1200t to 150t 


Moulds for Rigid Plastic Packaging

Agriculture, Materials Handling, Transportation, Food and Beverage Industries, 

Bakery and Dairy, Industrial fluids etc

Moulds for Household and Garden

Moulds for Technical Parts

Moulds for Special Applications

Moulds for Medical Items


Moulds for sale

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